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Our mission is to harness Oklahoma’s creativity into viable solutions for the public

Developers that respond to a challenge will help fuel the next stage of Oklahoma’s prosperity, by cultivating our technological prowess and local resource pool. Filling this skill gap is key to Oklahoma’s success and the growth of the local development community.

How does the process work?

The Oklahoma Innovation Portal is a progressive and collaborative program, guiding developers and citizens through a process to ensure that the best solutions are brought to market backed by a solid business methodology.

Phase 1: Citizen Challenges

This phase solicits ideas from Oklahomans on improving government through technology in the form of “challenges” to the development community.

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Phase 2: Developer Solutions

The second phase encourages developers to pitch solutions to the challenges. Each solution will be reviewed and rated by the public and government agencies.

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Phase 3: The Collabratorium

The third phase will be a collaboration between government agencies, the development community and the public to help create the best possible solution.

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How will your solutions be judged?

Solutions will go before a public forum for evaluation. Ten factors will be used to score each application on three high-level qualities:


How new, unique and interesting is the solution you are proposing?

The factors that affect innovation:

An innovative solution should be unique and robust, developed by a company with a history of creating better solutions that meet new requirements.


How can you produce a product that has the potential to endure?

The factors that affect stability:

A stable product should have a simple design and a friendly user experience created by a well-established company in the particular field of development.


What factors impact the customer's perceived value of your end product?

The factors that affect value:

The most valuable product is one that is low-cost with a quick time-to-market from a company that offers the highest level of development and support services.

We’re here to help the Oklahoma technical industry blast off!

Through creative ideas, innovation and sheer determination.

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