Oklahoma Mobile Driver’s License

It is here. Your digital Oklahoma Mobile Driver’s License is now available via the Oklahoma Mobile ID application. We want to personally thank all of the Oklahoma citizens who took time to test the app during our beta program. With over 10,000 participants, your feedback was instrumental in shaping the OKmID app now available for your use today.

The application was produced by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) in cooperation with Oklahoma Office of Management & Enterprise Services (OMES) and Innovate Oklahoma.

Note: Currently, Oklahoma Mobile ID cannot be used for law enforcement purposes and is not REAL ID compliant. View the Oklahoma REAL ID webpage for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

The Oklahoma Mobile ID (OKmID) application allows Oklahoma citizens to carry a digitized version of their driver’s license or other state-issued ID in an app on their phone as a complement to their physical driver’s license. It builds on the strength of the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety enrollment process, while adding layers of anti-fraud protection and (soon) online identity verification capabilities.

How does it work?

Oklahoma citizens download the OKmID app on their phone and register for a mobile driver’s license by scanning in their physical license and verifying their identity using advanced biometric proofing (a “selfie check”), document authentication, and attribute verification. These mechanisms reduce the likelihood of fraud and allow consumers to register remotely without having to go back to Oklahoma DPS.

Who can use OKmID?

Anyone with an Oklahoma driver’s license or state ID can download the Oklahoma Mobile ID app.

Where can I find the OKmID app?

OKmID app can be downloaded from the App Store on iPhone and will be available on Google Play for Android on Monday, Nov. 4. Search for the name of the app “Oklahoma Mobile ID.”

Who do I call for support?

For OKmID support, please call IDEMIA at 1 (844) 543-9721, 7 days a week between 8am and 10pm ET or email us at MobileIDHelp@us.idemia.com.

For any questions about the information on your license please contact Oklahoma DPS at 405-425-2424.

Does OKmID replace my physical driver’s license?

OKmID is the official state-issued ID, but it currently serves as a companion to the physical ID, rather than a replacement. It can be used in any context a physical driver’s license or state-issued ID would be used to verify age or identity (where accepted), but the physical ID should still be kept as a back-up.

Is OKmID accepted by local law enforcement?

Currently, OKmID cannot be used for law enforcement purposes until rules and legislation are passed. You must still present your plastic (or physical) driver’s license when requested by a law enforcement officer.

Is OKmID REAL ID compliant?

No, OKmID is not currently considered REAL ID compliant. You must still present your plastic (or physical) driver’s license to board a plane or enter a federal facility. View the Oklahoma REAL ID webpage for more information.

Will OKmID work in other states?

Currently, OKmID is not accepted in other states nor for travel. At first, only local in-person use cases will be available, but it is expected that the number of contexts in which this new digital credential will be accepted will grow exponentially as more businesses and agencies accept the OKmID.

Who created this app?

IDEMIA developed the app partnering with Oklahoma DPS in cooperation with OMES and Innovate Oklahoma to provide this service to all residents with a smartphone.

What is needed to use OKmID?

To register and use OKmID:

  • You must have a valid and easily readable state driver’s license or state-issued photo ID card.
  • You must own a smartphone (see requirements below).
  • You can’t use a jailbroken/rooted smartphone, so you can’t use a device where the software has been manipulated to remove restrictions and limitations placed by the manufacturer.
What’s involved in setting up OKmID?

Once the app is downloaded, the license holder follows these simple instructions for setting up their OKmID:

  1. Select the verification link sent in a text message.
  2. Using the app, take a picture of the front of the driver’s license or state ID.
  3. Flip the physical ID over and take a picture of the back of it.
  4. Using the phone, take a selfie to verify that the person’s features match the photo on record at Oklahoma DPS.
  5. Finish OKmID registration by authorizing Oklahoma DPS to verify their data through the app.
What are the device requirements for OKmID?

To install the OKmID, an iOS or Android smart device with a cellular SIM provided by a phone carrier is required (Wi-Fi-only devices and phone emulation services such as Google Voice are not currently supported or approved for use).

Also, your phone OS version needs to be:

  • Android: Android 5.x and newer (as of July 2019)
  • iOS: iOS 11.x and newer (as of May 2019)
What security features are in place?

The OKmID offers multi-layered, end-to-end protection for data transferred between the consumer’s phone and Oklahoma DPS. Only minimal data is stored on the Cloud as a record locator, and that data is double-encrypted and stored in AWS GovCloud at FedRAMP High.

How do I know the OKmID is secure?

Because the holder’s identity is verified against the records held by Oklahoma DPS, the OKmID is linked to the license holder.The consumer is asked to take a selfie, which is verified against the photo on record with Oklahoma DPS. This is the only way to access and respond to identity verification requests.

What happens if a license holder’s smartphone is lost or stolen?

If a license holder’s smartphone is lost or stolen, no one will be able to access the OKmID. The use of a real-time selfie and Touch ID or Face ID means ONLY the license holder can access the app. The license can be canceled remotely and installed on another phone – all without the need for a trip to Oklahoma DPS.

Could someone use a photo to access my OKmID app?

No. The mobile app has built-in “detection” technology to protect against this type of identity theft. When taking a selfie to unlock the app, the user is prompted to hold their phone still and move their head to connect randomly-generated dots on the screen. These movements verify that it is the license holder and not a photograph.

How is my data private?

The OKmID solution is engineered for privacy. The platform applies a mobile-centric approach to data management, with users’ data only shared with their permission in response to a consent request. No data can be shared from the app without the user’s express permission, helping to prevent identity fraud.

The app DOES NOT use geolocation, so THERE’S NO TRACKING OF a user’s location. All metrics that are gathered – on adoption and usage, for instance – are grouped and anonymized, and do not allow display of individual transaction details.

A transaction log is stored in the app only, so the consumer can use it, while the state has no access to that information. The consumer can also delete it if they choose.

What does IDEMIA do with consumers’ data?

IDEMIA doesn’t collect, store, or hold onto personal data – except an encrypted (scrambled) version of data for record location. Oklahoma DPS maintains license data and is only available in an encrypted form on the consumer’s phone – until they choose to share it. For more information, read the IDEMIA privacy statement here.

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