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Enable a 21st-Century Government

Citizens will submit a challenge on the Innovate Oklahoma Portal, to highlight areas for the application of technology in government. The submission becomes the foundation block to launch a community-led, collaborative environment that will assemble a diverse mix of thought leaders, decision makers and technologists to improve Oklahoma’s government services.

How will this benefit my agency?

Engage your constituents.

Join with the citizens of Oklahoma in a collaborative development process. Gain public support for your software development initiatives. Engage tech sector professionals to crowdsource knowledge prior to project launch.

Harness program expertise.

Innovate Oklahoma pairs agencies with with experts in mobile, web and system development. Industry and platform specialists will guide the development process, so that the agency can focus on ensuring that the services provided via the application are the key focus.

Measure your success.

Employing industry-standard metrics and utilizing best practices, Innovate Oklahoma projects will be assessed on “success metrics” that critique and help improve the project throughout the development process.

Join the Program Today!

All submissions must comply with the Innovate Oklahoma content policy.

We’re here to help the Oklahoma technical industry blast off!

Through creative ideas, innovation and sheer determination.

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