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Community Standards

/Community Standards
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These Community Standards govern your use of this portal and if you do not agree with these Community Standards, you should not use the portal. This portal is part of the state of Oklahoma initiative, Innovate Oklahoma, which fosters a community-led, collaborative environment with a diverse mix of thought leaders, decision makers and technologists to advance Oklahoma’s technology landscape. We encourage technology entrepreneurs to participate in submitting content to this portal and citizens to share their experiences of Oklahoma and raise awareness about important issues. While this may naturally cause creative differences to occur, it is expected that all users of this portal will conduct themselves in a professional, positive and supportive manner.

By submitting content in connection with Innovate Oklahoma, you hereby grant the state of Oklahoma a perpetual, irrevocable worldwide license to retain, alter, duplicate, use, create derivative works, publicly perform or display, publish, and distribute such content at no cost to the state. The rights you grant in this license are for the purpose of promoting submissions to the media, citizens and technologists who may develop services. You should ensure that you possess the necessary rights to grant the state this license for any content submitted in connection with Oklahoma Innovate.

All content submitted is subject to review by state staff. Content that contains profanity, hate, harassing or abusive speech, nudity, pornography, violence or is otherwise contrary to federal or state law, rules, regulations, ordinances or policies is prohibited and will be rejected without liability to you. Likewise, content which is deemed to further the agenda of a political organization or candidate running for office, which places government in a negative light or emphases negative perceptions of government leadership, agencies, staff or services will be rejected. The state of Oklahoma does not endorse any such content and reserves the right to remove, without notice, any and all content submitted by a user. Further, you agree that the state bears no liability for content submitted or for removal or retention of any submitted content. Each submission is subject to a review period to ensure it meets the requirements described in these Community Standards. Users that submit prohibited content will be notified of the specific categories that violate these Community Standards. Submission and/or continued submission of unacceptable content can lead to various levels of user admonishment and enforcement, including but not limited to:

  • Content deletion
  • Temporary or permanent account suspension
  • Submission form privilege lockout
  • Account termination

The state shall have sole discretion in determining whether content is in breach of these Community Standards. The state of Oklahoma does not endorse any submitted content, including but not limited to, any opinion, recommendation, or advice expressed therein, and the state expressly disclaims any and all liability in connection with submissions.