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Become a part of Oklahoma’s future

The goal of is to foster a  community-led, collaborative environment with a diverse mix of thought leaders, decision makers and technologists to advance Oklahoma’s technology landscape. We encourage citizens to share their experiences of Oklahoma and raise awareness about important issues.

When you submit a challenge to the Innovation Portal, you are taking the first step in helping Oklahoma improve the services it provides to citizens.

How do I submit the best challenge?

Clearly state the problem.

Every challenge must have a clearly stated problem or core issue. What do you expect the developer or technical team to fix, change or improve?

Identify the audience.

Who is the client or customer, and who will decide the problem has been solved? Is there a sub-group of Oklahomans that need the solution?

Identify the success factors.

What platform (mobile application, website, hardware) can solve the problem? Are there any limitations (time, money, resources, technology)?

Submit a Challenge

All submissions must comply with the Innovate Oklahoma Community Standards.

We’re here to help the Oklahoma technical industry blast off!

Through creative ideas, innovation and sheer determination.

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